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You’ve brought back a bottle of slivovitz from your ramble around the Wallach Region of Moravia and are getting ready to welcome guests with whom you’d like to share it. Well, these tasty bites make the ideal accompaniment. At their core, these canapés dressed in a coat of crispy lean bacon are made of the same raw ingredient as the bottle of spirits - plums. As you can see, the two go hand in hand.


2-3 bread rolls (preferably wholemeal)
16-20 slices lean bacon
16-20 prunes


Slice the rolls into pieces and place a prune wrapped in a thin slice of lean bacon on each. Arrange the canapés on a baking tray and bake at a high temperature.
Serve sprinkled with paprika.


If you bake the pieces of bread roll beforehand, there’s no need to bake the canapés again.

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